Alli Butler has been making up songs and singing them to herself ever since she was little.  She thought everyone did that.  Growing up on a farm in relative isolation left her naive to the fact that not everyone sang their way through life. Her real strength was providing a backing track to any given situation.  Like when the wood heap “accidentally” caught on fire she and her brother stood by singing ‘We didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world was turning’. Or like when all the sheep “accidentally” escaped from the paddock, she was close by singing ‘Born free, free as the wind blows…'

After Alli finished school, she took the obvious route for someone who loves to sing…and became a nurse!  Her first nursing job took her to the Western Australian mining town of Kalgoorlie and whilst walking the wards, the backing tracks continued. But she found the patients with temperatures of 40 degrees celsius (and rising) didn't want to be serenaded with a rendition of 'Fever'.  That’s when she decided it was time to take her singing and guitar strumming to the pubs, in the hope it would be more appreciated.  While she did get beaten up in the toilets after her first gig, she decided it was still more of a positive reception than the hospitals, and went back for more. She then traveled overseas seeking international adventures, but no longer feeling satisfied using other peoples tunes as her life’s soundtrack, she started penning and performing her own.  Not long after returning home, Alli was accepted into the Actors Centre Australia in Sydney to try her hand at treading the boards. And all the while she was still writing, strumming and singing which has seen her support artists such as Bertie Blackman, Sarah McLeod, Paul Capsis and perform at Peats Ridge Festival.  Depending on her mood she continues to dabble in stand-up comedy, acting and cabaret.  As for now, she has recently been in the studio and her latest recording ‘Stand up Soldier’ is an upbeat ode to her relationship anxieties.


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